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jump higherHi, my  name is Judicas Moore, and I want to tell you my amazing story of basketball stardom.

During my freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior years, I was one  of the most valuable players on the basketball team.

I took my high school basketball team to the State Finals two years in a row, and although we didn’t win the championship, I was playing at a level that had to be seen to be believed.

I was a highly valuable player all around.  I had a scoring average of 33 points per game during my senior year, and it was then that I was offered a scholarship to the University of Connecticut.

Of course, there were no other scholarships being offered to me at the time, so I took it.

I played at the University college level, but I quickly learned that as you enter the collegiate level of play, the competition becomes much more fierce, and that you can easily be outshined by competing players.

I always played well, but as far as going to the NBA, that wasn’t in the cards.

I wound up scoring an average of 22 points and 10 rebounds per game during my college years.

My Slam Dunk Skills Reached New Heights

dunkThere was one thing about my basketball skills that really stood out – that really set me apart from other players.


I was able to dunk as soon as I was a sophomore in high school and, yes, everyone was COMPLETELY amazed by my jumping ability.

In high school, I would be able to dunk easy, and I even made it my mission to find out ways to display my dunking ability so I would be more popular, have more fun on the court, etc.

During college at the University of Connecticut, I would be given access to the court by my coach. He’d give me the keys and tell me:

“Make sure you lock up when you’re done. Don’t ever leave the gymnasium without locking up!”

I would practice for hours at a time, perfecting my dunking skills.

Flash Forward to My 24th Birthday – Stunning My Fans at My Slam Dunk Shows

Upon graduating from the University of Connecticut, I was performing like an A+ slam dunk artist, and I knew that if I could put on Slam Dunk shows, people would really come and watch.

And they DID! I met some other guys who were able to slam dunk with finesse too, and we created a team to put on slam dunk shows for our fans.

But there was something missing, and I KNEW it.

I needed a way to add at least 8 inches to my vertical leap, but I had no idea where to start. That’s when I found an amazing discovery.

Introducing Jump Manual: The Best Way to Increase Your Vertical Leap That I’ve Ever Found

jump manualWhen I first found this ebook, I had my doubts that it would work. After all, I’d been playing high school and college level basketball for years, and I already knew some pretty dynamite ways to work out. I thought I was at the very best of my playing and jumping ability, but I was WRONG.

What I learned in the Jump Manual is like nothing I’d ever seen or heard of before. Within 3 weeks, I gained 4 inches, then at week 7 I was up to 8 inches, and at the end of week 12 I had gained 12 full inches in my vertical leap.

That brought me to an amazing final vertical leap height of 41″.

Now I’m able to perform amazing 360 dunks, amaze my fans, and a heck of a lot more too! I’ve  also noticed an incredible gain in my strength, quickness, and overall running speed.

Purchase the Jump Manual Today and Be on Your Way to Explosive Jump Gains

While other jump gain manuals are valuable in their own respect, the great majority of them are only teaching one or two ways to improve vertical leap height. The Jump Manual uses a multi-faceted approach to jump height gains by targeting all nine of the improvable factors. I did exactly what the program said and through using their multi-faceted approach, I now have the vertical leap that I always dreamed of.

People always say to me, how can I learn to jump as high as you do? I simply tell them: “It’s all in the Manual, JUST BUY THE PROGRAM.”

Closing Notes from an Accomplished Basketball Star

What I learned in the Jump Manual are training secrets that I wish someone would have taught me when I was in high school. Now I’m 25 years old and can jump higher than ANYONE I’ve ever met.

When I grace the basketball court, I’m nearly unstoppable, and anyone that’s ever faced me knows it.

You CAN increase your vertical jump leap height and slam dunk like a PRO, it just takes 12 weeks of effort and you’ll REALLY BE ABLE TO DO IT! Take it from me – Judicas Moore – a professional athlete.

Through using the Jump Manual program, you’ll jump nearly a foot higher, and you’ll shine on the court better than anyone else. If it worked for me, it’ll work for you, I PROMISE!

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